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A Life Story
In my life, I have never received what I have asked for, but I always got the strength to rise up again and head held up high in dignity like The Phoenix  Bird Of Flame.
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Toufic Korban
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I asked life to give me strength; it gave me tests to pass…
I asked life to give me wisdom: it gave me problems to solve…
I asked life to give me wealth: it gave me a brain and two arms to work…
I asked life to give me courage: it gave me challenges to face…
I asked life to give me love: it placed on my way difficult people to understand…
I asked life to give me favors: it gave me opportunities…
In my life, I have never received what I have asked for,
but I always got the strength to rise up again and head held up high
in dignity like The Phoenix Bird of Flames ….
Beautiful, glorious and sacrificing self for renewal,
I’ll build a pyre and set myself a blaze. For the sake of self.
Red bird of fire I come forth through my ashes a new bird shedding
the old self which no longer is needful. I embrace my new strength
and fly to the heights of the sky to the city of the sun and give the ashes
unto the alter of the sun god for my immortality.
Embrace myself for I am a child of the sun and will live eternal
through birth, death, and renewal! The spirit never dies!
<<<<<<<<< I WILL DIE TO LIVE AGAIN >>>>>>>>>
They said they want the truth, others said they can’t handle the truth
They say the truth never sounded this good, When the truth was about peace and love,
Some say the truth is lost somewhere among the 7 seas,
Others say only the truth is what really sets us free,
I was told that the truth is stranger than fiction,
And within it lies the honesty of our addictions,
And for us to reach the truth with any real conviction,
We must battle through everyone of one life’s daily afflictions,
The truth is we witness genocide, hate, lies and hypocrisy,
And these beautiful words cant mask all the profanity,
Some say the truth is out there,
Others dare not find or worse they dont really care,
They say that the truth is neither here nor there,
I heard the truth is found in a cold stare,
Or a mother’s grief at a loss she can not bear,
Some say that real truth is rare,
In a world which is cold, unscrupulous and unfair,
They say that the truth hurts, with no remedy for the discomfort,
The truth is people lie,
Become occupied with doing more wrong than right,
Others believe the truth can be whatever you like,
Whatever you say, read or write,
A man told me truth is the only thing you will never find,
because truth is unobtainable in this world of mine,
I was lead to believe that the truth is right,
but truth changes depending on its source of mind,
They don’t want us to know the truth,
Because the truth is what separates them from us,
The truth gives us the hope in a smile and bonds a trust,
Love is truth in its most sincerest form,
Such as the truth from a mother when her child is born,
Or the forlorn look when her child is gone,
The truth is everywhere, we’re just too blind to see it,
The truth was sent to us by Allah, the truth is in this room I can feel it,
The truth is in our minds, hearts, souls and spirits.
It shall prevail and make you believe,
The truth my friend shall set you free
The truth can can be what ever you want it to be,
Whatever is in your heart, what ever you truly believe,
That is filled with love, hope and prosperity,
Whenever they try and blind you but you can still see
Whenever they try and choke you but you can still breathe
Whenever they try and oppress you but you are still free
When you do right by those who have done you wrong
When you can get on your knees and pray to the Lord
Every morning, when light falls from the heavens to the skies,
He reveals the truth to me,
In a manner within which these words could never describe.
So when you reach a point where you find yourself in complete solitude,
when you have no single person to hear or share your suffers,
when you lose all the surrounding said to be relatives, friends or close ones,
when your eyes become in lack of tears from crying due to regret,
when the inside anger from your present situation puts you in a state of self-hate,
when you even lose your life love, when the complete obscurity of life darkness
starts giving you weird ideas about life and suicide, when you reach a closed
end or a no-return point to roll back your life, your only solution is to write
in a way to undertake a self-audit which might help you in overcoming your
burden or help others to learn from your life mistakes and overcome them.
So God told me go ahead my son and write the truth….
The truth is nothing but “A Life Story”
Toufic Korban.

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