Everyone makes mistakes. But not everyone is given an opportunity to make things right. Not everyone gets a second chance. That is why if you are given the opportunity to fix your wrongs, you should be careful and play your cards right. Make sure that you do not make the same mistake twice.

A choice:
I once came across a saying that goes, you can never make the same mistake twice because the second one was a choice. This is true. We have to learn from our mistakes so they never happen again. If an opportunity comes for you to do something all over again, you can do away with the things that you did wrong.

What am I to lose:
Think of the gravity of your faults. What are you risking to lose if you don’t fix your problem? Trust is the worst thing to lose in any relationship. Whether it be at work, at home or anywhere else, trust is essential. They say that when it is broken it can never be fully restored. But I believe that if there is still love, nothing is impossible. Trust can be regained if you prove yourself worthy of it again.

Admit your faults:
The first step in making things right is to acknowledge your faults. You should know what you did wrong and who you offended. It is also important to be able to say “I was wrong.” It takes a lot of courage to do so.and after you do, you will feel a stronger urge to make everything right.

Say Sorry:
The word sorry is easily said. When you step on someone’s foot or you bump into someone in the street, its natural to say “I am sorry.” But in situations where relationships or careers are on the line, it seems harder to say the very same words. I guess “Sorry” is more difficult to say when you actually mean it. It is a humbling act and a moment of vulnerability for the person saying it.

Forgive me:
Saying “Sorry” is followed by asking for forgiveness and a second chance. You may be lucky enough to get forgiveness but not a second chance. You may be given a second chance to prove that you deserve forgiveness. But be ready for the possibility that you may not get anything at all. As I’ve said, not everybody gets a second chance.

Make it right:
If you get a second chance, do everything you can to make things right this time. Avoid the things that led you to the mistakes you’ve made and go the right path this time. Make sacrifices just to prove you deserve the chance you are given.

Never go back:
Remember that every opportunity has a shelf life. If you waste a second chance at fixing a wrong then you will never be trusted by that person again. If you succeed in making things right, make sure that you never go back to making that mistake again.

“A Life Story” By Toufic Korban

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