As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” We all need to connect with other people to fully give meaning to our lives. There are certain relationships that we go through as we grow up. Our first relationships are with our parents. With good parenting, trust and love are developed within a person. This becomes evident as we go out into the world and relate to other people. We also develop relationships with our siblings and peers. Through our interactions and games, we learn to communicate and co-exist with others of the same age. But as we grow older, we develop closeness to certain people. These are what we call our “friends.”

A Group of Friends
Having a clique or a group of friends is healthy because you get to grow and learn things together. You also have a group to belong to and relate your experiences with. Parents may not fully understand what you are going through, but your friends will always relate to you because they are going through the very same things. These are also the people who will fight for you when you are in trouble. They are the people who will tell you if you are doing something wrong and try to correct you even if it makes you mad. A good group of friends are the ones who make you a better person. These people should care about you and wish for you what is best for you. A group of friends who constantly get you into trouble are not real friends.

Your Best Friend
Even if you belong to a group of friends, there will always be that one person you trust and care for the most. You do not necessarily need to have romantic feelings for the person, although there are times when best friends end up falling in love with each other. A best friend is that one person who listens to your problems and makes sacrifices for your sake. He or she is your shoulder to cry on and your defender from your oppressors. This person is someone who will believe in you and stand by you every step of the way. To have a loyal friend like that is a rare find. You should value your friendship by being a good friend as well.

The Bonds That Last
Friends do not have to always be together to remain friends. There are times good friends are separated for years, but when they meet again, they feel as close to each other as they used to when they were younger. Real friendships last a lifetime. And even though they get busy with their own families, love life, or work, all it takes is a reunion to rekindle all the happy memories and make new ones in the process.

Friendship is Stronger Than Love
I always say, relationships that start with friendship last longer than romantic relationships that did not start with friendship. It may be hard to understand how a friendship can be stronger than love. But the fact that more friendships last longer than any marriage speaks for itself. With friendship, there is a deeper sense of acceptance and understanding without the jealousy and the lust that comes with a romantic relationship. When love fails, a couple can hold on to their friendship and save their relationship.

A Good Friend
To be a good friend does not have to mean you have to sacrifice an eye or a limb to prove your loyalty. Being a good friend doesn’t mean you always have ready advice to give. You don’t have to always understand what your friend is going through. You do not have superpowers to make all their problems go away. But what is great about a good friend is that when you need him or her, they come to your side and listen. A good friend is always willing to be there when you need them. And having someone by your side during the lowest points of your life is very important. That is the true value and essence of friendship.

“A Life Story” By Toufic Korban

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