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Finding Your Way

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We all feel lost at some time in our lives. We all can look back to the time we stopped and realized we did not know where to go or how we will end up. If you are in this situation right now, do not worry because it is a natural thing. It is just a transition phase where you start to grow up and realize that life is more than just fun and games. You find out that your life decisions should be yours to make and not dictated by your parents or friends. You too discover that you will have to stand up for every decision you make and every consequence thereafter. All this is part of growing up. Here are some tips on how to get on the right road for the future.

Who Am I ?

Most of the time, parents try to force their children into careers or paths that they think would give them the most success. But the truth is, each person is unique. We are all meant for a certain destiny that even our parents cannot predict or choose for us. The first thing you need to know in finding your way is to answer the question… “Who am I?” You are given your own gifts and talents. Take note of these and simply do what you do best. Or better yet, do what comes naturally to you. To simplify this thought, focus on tasks, people, and places that make you happy. You above all people should know what you like and want for your life.

Dream a Dream

When you are faced with a difficult decision, look ahead to the future and see how you want yourself to be. Make a clear picture of your dreams and project the outcomes of all your decisions into making these dreams come true. Your dream becomes your goal and soon it becomes a purpose for your life. Dreaming is free. But if you really want your dreams to come true, make your dreams realistic and attainable through your own hard work.

Make It Happen

Dreams remain as dreams unless you act upon them. Make your dreams happen by planning your way to success. You don’t just run to your dreams. You should make a step-by-step action plan on how you can make them come true. Research, train, and invest in your dreams. If it is your destiny and you worked hard enough for your dreams, you can make them happen.

Regret Nothing

Sadly, success is not for everybody. Many times your actions might lead you to fail in achieving your goals. Do not regret any actions you’ve done. Instead, learn from the experience which will make you stronger, smarter, and wiser. Everything happens for a reason. No experience ever goes to waste. You may not have achieved your goals, but in the process of failing, you may have met people or experienced things that you have learned from. Life has its own way of bringing us to our purpose. Our plans may be totally different from what is really meant to happen, so be flexible and adjust to the changes that happen in your life.

Life Is An Adventure

Lastly, do not be afraid of the uncertainties of life. Nothing is constant but change in this world. You just have to keep moving forward with your eyes on the prize which is your goal. There may be bumps and bruises along the way, but that’s life! It is an adventure worth taking risks for. Whether you succeed or not, it is the adventure along the way to your goal that matters the most. So take each day at a time as you try to reach for your dreams one task at a time.

“A Life Story” By Toufic Korban

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