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One Of Life’s Greatest Treasures

By January 12, 2018No Comments

What do you consider as your treasures in life? From among many choices, I consider true friendship one of life’s greatest treasures. If one has gone through life and never had a true friend, then he had never lived at all. This coming from a former introvert who gradually went out of her shell to meet people, and is thankful that she did, because she met a lot of her treasures – her best friends!

To whom will man share the dreary and sunny parts of life if he hath not a friend? Yes, you may cite your family and your better half as other life treasures that you may cherish as your loved ones, but admit it – true friends are like gems, hard to find yet forever they will last like shining diamonds.

Romantic love is so underrated; every self-help book must have told you how to find your one true love. But are there any books around to teach you how to find your one true friend? I wish there is, but sadly, though, there isn’t a book of that sort to help us out with finding true friendship. We need to get out into the world and experience life and meet a lot of false friends, well-meaning “so-so” friends, and fair-weather friends before we strike gold, the holy grail of true friendship – in the person or persons of your best friends forever. These are the kinds of friends who are almost like family to you, you just don’t share the same parents! Brothers or sisters from another mother, as they would say.

Are you lucky to have such friends in your life? Friends that are capable of loving you unconditionally? If you have your share of them, no matter how few, or even if you have only one friend like that, then you are very blessed.

Friendships on the rise, and friendships on their way to greatness should all withstand the test of time, experience, challenges, and trials before they become comparable to diamonds. Diamonds themselves undergo intense fire first before they become diamonds from the rough ores they once were. So do friendships which stand the test of fire; they become shining diamonds forever in the end.

“A Life Story” By Toufic Korban

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