A Life story

In my life, I have never received what I have asked for, but I always got the strength to rise up again and head held up high in dignity like the Phoenix Bird of Flame.

Posted on May 19, 2010



When you reach a point where you find yourself in complete solitude, when you have no single person to hear or share your suffers, when you lose all the surrounding said to be relatives, friends or close ones, when your eyes become in lack of tears from crying due to regret, when the inside anger from your present situation puts you in a state of self-hate, when you even lose your life love, when the complete obscurity of life darkness starts giving you weird ideas about life and suicide, when you reach a closed end or a no-return point to roll back your life, your only solution is to write in a way to undertake a self-audit which might help you in overcoming your burden or help others to learn from your life mistakes and overcome them.


Toufic Korban