Motor All Risk – Driver: MVA + MVC


Drive safely, stay safe: get your car covered.

Your car is a means of transport and a valued possession. Any loss or damage to it, not only causes you nuisance but also hurts you financially.

What can we do for you?

Drive Series include a range of products offering comprehensive insurance cover and reliable assistance services, designed to meet your needs, starting with Motor All Risks.

Third Party Liability Ok Ok
Fire and Explosion Ok Ok
Total Theft and Hold-up of vehicle Ok Ok
Own Damage Ok Ok
Total loss Ok Ok
Bodily injury to passengers Ok Ok
Road Assistance Ok Ok
Damage resulting from Hail, Storm, Tempest and Flood Ok
Partial Theft Ok
Indemnity for Driver Ok
Temporary car rental Ok
Registration fees following total loss Ok
Legal expenses Ok

 (*) Please refer to Global Services for more details on the conditions, limitations and exclusions related to the above covers.

Driver program:

Bodily Injury Cover: LL 750,000,000.

Material Damage Cover: Usd 250,000.

Minimum Premium: Usd 650.

Rates applicable for vehicles worth below Usd 30,000.

For vehicles worth below Usd 20,000 subject to 10% increase.

2018 – 2020:  3.25%

2013 – 2017:   3.75%

2009 – 2012:  4.50%

2006 – 2008: 4.85%

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